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RPV do not just Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO); what is key to us is in helping you start with the right footing in USA, Asia and Europe. Hence we adopt a strategic and holistic approach from the start. Our company formation and tax specialists will typically sit with you to understand your business needs, business plans and/or current operations if any, and then advise you on a tax-efficient structure.

RPV even look ahead to your strategies in this region if any, and recommend one that is best suited for you in your expansion. The initial set up and follow-up thereafter is characterised by 4 key tenets of our service philosophy that we offer to every client:
» Stress-free Services
» Equanimity Services
» Reasonable cost Services Package
» Tailored Service
Stress-free Services
As qualified professionals and experts in corporate and business administration matters, we provide quality advice and services relevant to your business needs. We "hand-hold" you through the convoluted and legislation-bound processes from business formation to record maintenance.
Where applicable, we connect you to our associated business partners for sound professional advice and related services.
Equanimity Services
Our clients literally "sleep better" after outsourcing Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) to RPV. We provide timely updates to each client whenever there is a major legislation change that will potentially affect the corporate governance, compliance or shareholding.
We also keep you abreast of rapid industry changes with timely reminders on key deadlines (e.g. filing of annual returns) and industry updates.
Reasonable Cost Services Packages
Recognizing that every client has different needs, we have several packages that offer various services pegged to various levels of response time.
The quality of advice is however not compromised. The client chooses what he is comfortable with in terms of the service scope and response time, and pay for what is relevant to his needs.
Tailored Service
Each of our clients is assigned to our professionally trained and qualified service staff, contactable by phone and email.
All incoming service requests are treated with utmost importance and attended to within a prescribed time congruent to your service package. You benefit from our service level predictability.
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